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Where are the Women Leaders in PR?

I have to hand it to The Atlantic. First they provoke society by using their influential cover to wonder aloud: Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. Now, they did it again by questioning what we’ve all thought, but never asked: Why Are There So Many Women in Public Relations?

Gail Becker, Edelman’s president of strategic partnerships and founding chair of Edelman’s Global Women’s Executive Network (GWEN), speaks to Marketing Magazine about the lack of women in leadership roles in a female-driven industry. Read the full article here.

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Digital Digest #197: Under Pressure

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up Fridays. This week’s edition of Digital Digest was edited by Adam Weitner,  Jeff Lang-Weir, and Erin Collett

It’s a tough world out there for advertisers. Consumers often don’t care about brands beyond what’s in it for themselves. They rarely trust for-profit companies and are prepared to attack at a moment’s notice. This means brands are being held to a higher standard than ever before and they better deliver. This week’s Digital Digest takes a look at a few brands that are currently under fire (and it ain’t pretty). Read more »

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